Governing State Governing Boards

Utah revamped its Board of Higher Education to emphasize more centralized oversight. Some other states are doing the same, leading some observers to wonder if the decisions are being driven by politics or efficiency.

Behind the Curtain of Pay-to-Join Freshman Facebook Groups

Freshmen who want to connect with their fellow students can join unofficial college Facebook groups dedicated to finding roommates and sharing advice—for a fee.

Campus Crisis Care Awareness Needs a Boost

A third of students aren’t clear where to turn on campus should they or a friend experience a mental health crisis. Boosting awareness of urgent mental health care resources can involve faculty as messengers, direct student outreach and mobile apps.

Success Program Launch: Success Center for a Commuter Campus

The University of Houston Downtown’s Gator Success Institute will join student support resources into one department and implement seven success initiatives—including degree maps, bilingual programming for parents and employee mentorships.

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Symptomatic Reading

Scott McLemee surveys a psychoanalytic critic’s response to the pandemic.

Equity, Data and the In-Person/Online Divide

Hybrid assessment efforts are needed to help institutions identify—and act on—different outcomes for online versus residential students, Joshua Travis Brown and Joseph M. Kush argue.

The Humanities Aren’t Hurting Everywhere

With all the doom and gloom, it’s a miracle any student majors in the humanities—but at places like Lehman College, they are, Karin Beck writes.

Supporting the Entrepreneurial Goals of College Students With Disabilities

Higher ed institutions can work more effectively and closely with disabled students who have entrepreneurial goals, writes Diego Mariscal, who founded a nonprofit start-up accelerator for business owners with disabilities while still in school. He recommends three actions to help.

The Hills on Which We (Used to) Die

College leaders need to know which hills they’ll be prepared to lose their careers over—and then show up to defend them, John C. Cavanaugh writes.


Reject Automated Grading of Student Writing

Some lines we shouldn’t cross. This is one.

Friday Fragments

Reader responses, a leadership dilemma and a moral victory.

San Francisco and the University

The city and the campus.

Offering Guaranteed Admission

The Transfer Student Success and Equity Intensive is producing more equitable transfer outcomes.

Can a College Class Teach You How to Lead a Meaningful, Joyful Life?

Ivy-plus approaches to a well-designed, purposeful life.

Career Advice

We Can Say the Word ‘Fat’

Most of us in academe would rather ignore the needs of marginalized people than recognize antifat biases, but we must do better, writes Kallie Menard.

Taking Umbridge With Associate Deans

Richard Utz explores how and why such academic administrators are parodied on Twitter.

Creating Classroom Community Agreements

They provide the best way to cultivate critically compassionate learning communities, writes Jesica Siham Fernández.

Increasing Women’s Representation in STEM Fields

Leaders in academe hold several keys to correct the well-documented tendency to undervalue women’s work, writes Nina Gray.

Engage in Science Policy Where You Are

Adriana Bankston explores how education about science policy at the state level can enrich one’s career.


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