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We Can Say the Word ‘Fat’

Most of us in academe would rather ignore the needs of marginalized people than recognize antifat biases, but we must do better, writes Kallie Menard.

A phone displaying the Associate Deans Twitter account, with a photo of Imelda Staunton as Dolores Umbridge in the profile photo spot.

Taking Umbridge With Associate Deans

Richard Utz explores how and why such academic administrators are parodied on Twitter.

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Creating Classroom Community Agreements

They provide the best way to cultivate critically compassionate learning communities, writes Jesica Siham Fernández.

Illustration: Two women scientists working at a table, one looking through a microscope

Increasing Women’s Representation in STEM Fields

Leaders in academe hold several keys to correct the well-documented tendency to undervalue women’s work, writes Nina Gray.

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Engage in Science Policy Where You Are

Adriana Bankston explores how education about science policy at the state level can enrich one’s career.

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The Benefits of a Presidential Teach-In

Patrick Sanaghan and Mary Dana Hinton offer an onboarding strategy for a new president and other senior leaders in which they become the students.

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Forget the Failure CV

Researchers and other scholars need instead a shadow CV to highlight systemic inequalities, Cyrena Gawuga writes.

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How Much Do Students Pay to Attend Your Class?

Calculating the specific amount might make you—and your students—reconsider how you approach class time, writes Justin Shaffer.