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A woman on a flotation device in a body of water working on her laptop.

Professors Plan Summer AI Upskilling, With or Without Support

Academics seeking respite from the fire hose of AI information and hot takes launch summer workshops. But many of the grass-roots efforts fall short of meeting demand.

Centering Students in the Diversity Statement Debate

With diversity statements under fire, the right response isn’t to give up on addressing equity goals through hiring: it’s to improve what we’re asking of candidates, Justin P. McBrayer and Sarah Roberts-Cady write.

Should Outgoing Presidents Have Hiring Powers?

Ruth Simmons left Prairie View A&M early over limits to her authority in hiring decisions. Deferring such powers to new presidents is a common practice but often not a set policy.

Temple Demands Strikers Pay for Tuition, Health Care

The university has ended striking graduate student workers’ health coverage and, in what the AFT calls an “unprecedented” move, is demanding they pay tuition, too. Temple says over 80 percent of the local union members aren’t striking.

Beyond the Monograph

Textbooks, op-eds, museum exhibitions, public lectures, congressional testimony, podcasts, historical gaming—the American Historical Association wants departments to consider more as historical scholarship.

Should Conferences Stay Put or Relocate? It’s Complicated

With meeting event sites often selected years in advance, higher education groups weigh the pros and cons of locations where state lawmakers have enacted anti-transgender legislation and severe abortion restrictions.

Should Colleges Honor Disgraced Ex-Presidents?

Portraits, special ceremonies, emeritus status and massive payouts are just a few of the perks some ex-presidents receive—no matter what kind of upheaval they leave behind.

Equal Benefits for Postdocs

Postdocs on federal fellowships should receive equal benefits as peers, write Mallory R. Smith and Thomas P. Kimbis.