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A drawing of students, split into two panels, to represent in-person and online education, respectively: on the left are three young adult students in a classroom and on the right is a single young adult student working at her computer in a kitchen, a cat at her feet.

Equity, Data and the In-Person/Online Divide

Hybrid assessment efforts are needed to help institutions identify—and act on—different outcomes for online versus residential students, Joshua Travis Brown and Joseph M. Kush argue.

What Should We Do About Undergrads Who Want to Pursue a Humanities Doctorate?

Reflections on the end of history … and the academic study of the arts, literature and philosophy.

Higher Ed’s Top 10 IT Issues

Educause, the association of higher ed technology officials, highlights a need to move from data insight to data action, develop learning-first strategies regardless of modality, and lead with humility.

Leveling the Playing Field for Social Capital

Can technology help equalize students’ access to relationships that provide support, information and opportunity?

Persistence Moves Closer to Pre-Pandemic Levels

A report from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center found that persistence rose among first-time students in fall 2020 compared to the previous year. But researchers say the findings are a mixed bag.

Balancing Student Privacy and Open Access

What responsibility does a course materials–sharing platform have to protect the privacy of the students who use it?

‘Without Her Consent’

Harvard University allegedly obtained a Title IX complainant’s outside mental health records, absent her permission. How could that be possible?

Decoding Data Security

Student Kyra O’Connor offers perspective on privacy policies, data collection and the university’s role in cybersecurity.