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Court: Speech First Has No Standing to Challenge Bias Policies

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit has ruled that Speech First, an organization devoted to promoting free...

Boston U President Blasts Graduation Protesters

Boston University president Robert Brown issued a powerful rebuke Wednesday to students who shouted obscenities at this year’s commencement speaker...
A wooden speaker podium and microphone, against a white background, with no speaker behind it.

Preparing the Campus for a Controversial Speaker

Spencer D. Kelly and Yukari Hirata offer a case study for how they worked to build receptivity among students, faculty and staff to a controversial invited speaker.

Michigan State Students Allege Professor Charged $99 to Fund Own Advocacy

Two conservative Christian Michigan State University students are suing a former professor, alleging she “compelled” 600 students to pay $99...

Protesters Call Out Provost Candidate at Southern Miss

A protest at the University of Southern Mississippi on Tuesday raised concerns about the checkered employment history of Lance Nail...
A camera films students with signs on steps

Brand Protection or Censorship?

Student filmmakers at UCLA were told not to identify their institution in a project about a 1991 campus demonstration, vexing the students and raising concerns about academic freedom.

Students gather to protest anti-trans speaker Ian Haworth in the University of Albany's Campus Center; one holds a sign reading "transphobes, 0, trans people, 1."

Shouting Down Speakers Who Offend

Over the course of a month, students on several college campuses shut down speakers they disagreed with. Why is it so hard to forge a consensus on what protecting free speech really means?

Antiabortion Speech Disrupted at VCU

Virginia Commonwealth University’s president, Michael Rao, on Saturday criticized the disruption of a speech at VCU last week by antiabortion...