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Leon Botstein, a bald white man with round glasses and wearing a bow tie, pictured at an event

Dealing With Disreputable Donors

Bard College president Leon Botstein met with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein on multiple occasions, raising thorny ethical questions about accepting donations.

Whittier College president Linda Oubré, a woman with light brown skin and dark hair, pictured in an office.

When Critics Come for the President

Whittier College’s president resigned last week amid rampant criticism from alumni and employees. Other embattled presidents have succumbed to similar pressures, while some remain in place.

Embattled Whittier College President Resigns

Under pressure from alumni groups angry about her leadership, Whittier College president Linda Oubré announced her resignation, effective at the...

How a Canadian Billionaire Reshaped the King’s College

An entrepreneur’s for-profit education company promised to save an evangelical liberal arts college with online enrollments. Now critics are blaming it for pushing the college to the brink of closure.

Share the Wealth

It’s time to stem the financial rivalry that has eroded public esteem for higher education—and for wealthy colleges to share their wealth advantages and endowment income, Bruce A. Kimball and Sarah M. Iler write.

King’s College Faces Financial Peril

The King’s College needs $2.6 million to meet its “immediate needs” and stave off closure. Weeks into the fundraising effort, less than $200,000 has been donated.

Capital Campaign Watch: Chapman, College of St. Scholastica, Mount St. Mary’s

Starting Out Chapman University is starting a campaign to raise $500 million by 2028. The university has raised $315 million...

College Endowment Returns Fall After Soaring High

Surging inflation and global disruptions undercut endowment returns for colleges and universities in the 2022 fiscal year, a reversal of fortunes from the previous year.