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A man in a suit and tie speaks at a podium to a room of legislators

DEI Standoff Derails a State Budget

Wisconsin Republicans want to slash funding to the University of Wisconsin over DEI efforts, but Democrats are defiant. The stalemate has put the entire state budget on ice.

Foxx Introduces Bill to Improve Student Loan Repayment

House Republicans’ latest plan to improve the student loan system focuses on helping defaulted borrowers get back on track and...
Illustration of five stacks of coins with a hand placing an extra coin on the last, tallest stack.

‘More Refined’ Performance-Based Funding for Community Colleges

Oregon and other states are on the verge of embracing new performance-based funding models for their community colleges. Higher ed experts say these kinds of models have changed in recent years.

Senator Bill Cassidy and others speak at a podium about their latest proposal to lower the cost of higher education.

Republicans Unveil Sweeping Higher Education Legislation

Although not likely to become law anytime soon, the package of bills shows that Senate Republicans are ready to step up to the plate on higher education policy.

A light-skinned man in a suit and tie with gray hair stands in front of the North Carolina state flag

Seeking Bipartisan Governance in North Carolina

A state commission proposed overhauling UNC governing board appointments to reduce partisanship, but some say lawmakers have few incentives to remove politics from the system.

A pair of hands with dark skin works on filling out a form with a pen while another hand with dark skin points at the form with another pen.

Parent PLUS Loans a ‘Double-Edged Sword’ for Black Families

As more families with fewer resources turn to Parent PLUS loans to afford higher education, policy makers need to seek broader reforms to improve college affordability, a new study says.

A group of protesters sitting on steps with signs. One sign reads "Protect Diversity Equity Inclusion."

DEI as an ‘Act of Resistance’

Political and legal attacks have made DEI work challenging in many states. Some professionals are leaving, but those who stay say they’re fighting for students, faculty and the future of college equity.

Cardona Calls Off Commencement Speech Because of Strike

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona canceled a planned commencement speech at the University of Washington over the weekend because of an...