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A marching band in red and gold outfits plays in front of the Reflecting Pool and Washington Monument.

A Growing Corps of ‘Capital Campuses’

Satellite campuses are proliferating and expanding in Washington, D.C. Not only do they enhance the student experience, but they also give institutions access to policy makers and grant-writing organizations.

An arching sign reads "Monmouth University" and is reflected in water in the foreground

The Rare Debt-Free College

Monmouth University has spent millions of dollars on campus investments while borrowing next to nothing. Philanthropic support helps, but a clear balance sheet remains a top strategic priority. 

Tornado Damages Oklahoma Baptist Campus

Facilities at Oklahoma Baptist University, including two historic buildings, experienced significant damage last week when a tornado ripped through campus...

Thinking Inside the Box

Fisk University’s enrollment is growing faster than its student housing can accommodate. The solution: modular, cost-effective residential units built from shipping containers.

Can ‘Dirty Money’ Pollute Climate Scholarship?

Stanford’s new Doerr School of Sustainability is under fire for accepting money from fossil fuel companies, igniting a debate about the influence of the industry on climate research.

The Global Significance of Fossil Fuel Divestment

We’re in a climate emergency, and it’s time for universities to take action, Sheldon Pollock and Jacqueline Goodman write.

A Building by Any Other Name

The Black Lives Matter protests inspired activists to demand the removal of controversial names from campus buildings. Many universities have established practices to guide them.

No Heat, Tempers Rise

Bronx Community College went without heat for more than a month. Some CUNY employees say this is one of many signs the system needs more funding for facilities maintenance and repairs.