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A screen shot of the Binghamton University Class of 2027 Facebook page

Behind the Curtain of Pay-to-Join Freshman Facebook Groups

Freshmen who want to connect with their fellow students can join unofficial college Facebook groups dedicated to finding roommates and sharing advice—for a fee.

A red King's College sign beside some colorful shrubs.

A New Legal Strategy in Sexual Assault Cases

When the victim of a campus sexual assault faced a counterclaim by her alleged attacker, she sued him for “abuse of the Title IX process," in what experts say is a new approach.

Student Suicides Prompt $38 Million Building Safeguards

The University of Houston announced it will spend $38 million on new safety measures at Agnes Arnold Hall, a campus...
Two students receive Reiki at Bowdoin college.

Student Wellness Tip: Add Integrative Health Options on Campus

Bowdoin College offers weekly acupuncture and Reiki clinics to promote rest and relaxation among the student population.

An aerial shot of Columbus State Community College

Layering Mental Health Care at a Community College

Columbus State Community College is taking a multifaceted approach to meeting its students with mental health services offerings, developing a new department as well as adding online counseling and intern support.

Students take notes in a classroom.

Student Wellness Tip: Promote Social Connection

A new advisory from the U.S. surgeon general offers recommendations for individuals and the education system to promote social connection and improve community health and well-being.

Two light-skinned woman and a man with darker skin. All have relatively short hair.

Mental Health and ‘Expectable’ vs. ‘Unmanageable’ Discomfort: Key Podcast

A trio of experts discusses how a changing definition of mental health complicates colleges’ efforts to care for their students.

Students walk on a sunny day at the University of Kentucky.

Success Program Launch: Financial Investment in Student Well-Being

The University of Kentucky is incentivizing healthy habits among its student population, rewarding academic excellence and physical wellness with private donations to investment and savings accounts opened with assistance from the institution.