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Can Dining Halls Help Students With Eating Disorders?

Dining halls can be land mines for students with eating disorders. Some universities want to change that.

Playing Cupid on Campus

Datamatch, a website operated by Harvard students, aims to make Valentine’s Day magic by pairing students on campuses—and bribing them with free food to actually meet up.

More Than Just a Safe Space

Colleges and universities are creating more housing aimed at transgender and nonbinary students, not only to ensure their comfort and safety but also to build community.

Thinking Inside the Box

Fisk University’s enrollment is growing faster than its student housing can accommodate. The solution: modular, cost-effective residential units built from shipping containers.

Not Like ‘Cable News’

Project at the University of Houston uses a virtual platform to train and encourage students to engage in civil discourse on controversial topics.

Walking a Mile in Someone Else’s Gown

Undergraduate graduation regalia can cost over $100, doctoral regalia as much as $1,000. To ease the financial burden on students, some institutions are asking alumni for donations.

A Broader Way of Thinking About Well-Being

More counselors won’t be enough: a new movement seeks to center student, faculty and staff well-being through structures and policies across campus, Marcelle Hayashida writes.

Faculties So White

A new report underscores how faculty diversity and student success go “hand-in-hand” and asks, “Why are university faculties so white?”