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AAUP: Faculty Benefits Haven’t Recovered From Pandemic

Institutions’ contributions to full-time faculty members’ health and retirement benefits significantly declined in real dollars over the pandemic and still...
A letter lying flat with the prominent text "your pay and benefits will be reduced to zero"

Tenured and Making $0?

Emails suggest a Purdue University math faculty member has been punished for his COVID-19–era teaching. The university says it “regrets that some have chosen to release incomplete confidential personnel files.”

Faculty Wants Pensions Out of Fossil Fuels

Encouraged by shifting markets and successful divestment campaigns at individual institutions, professors are ramping up efforts to get TIAA to go green.

The Case for Professors Emerit

Professors in Oregon push for gender-neutral titles for retired faculty members. The idea has traction, although there’s debate about just what to call these professors instead of “emeritus” and “emerita.”

A Push to Plan for Adjuncts and Equity

New papers from TIAA Institute urge institutions to plan for adjuncts, including their retirement concerns, with equity in mind.

The Academy Is Graying? So What

Older professors are keeping pace with their younger colleagues in terms of scholarly output and have particular knowledge to impart, study says. Authors say their findings challenge negative stereotypes about aging faculty members.

More Than a ‘President in a 3-Piece Suit’

Jahnae Barnett reflects on her three-decade tenure as president at William Woods University as she prepares to retire at the end of the calendar year.

Modernizing the Workforce

"Modernizing the Workforce" is Inside Higher Ed's new print-on-demand compilation. A copy of the booklet may be downloaded here, free...