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Way Finding

When you look back over your entire career and life, Victoria McGovern asks, who said or did something that helped guide you?

Postdocs Need People, Especially Each Other

The impulse to reach out and talk to another human being is what will help you the most right now—and also in the future, writes Briana Mohan.

Strategies for Career Exploration in Uncertain Times

Linda Louie offers four steps that grad students and postdocs can take to get past faulty assumptions and more rigorously examine the best options.

Can AI Write Your Next Résumé and Cover Letter?

Joseph Barber offers recommendations for how graduate students can leverage artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT for exploring career options and pursuing opportunities.

Finding a Career Mentor (in Addition to an Academic One)

Your thesis adviser may be the best person to guide your research, but conversations about your career may need to happen outside your department, Daniel J. Moglen advises.

Lead With Curiosity and Creativity in Your Career

Sonali Majumdar outlines how grad students and postdocs can apply the same qualities they do in their research to unlock possibilities in their professional lives.

Big-Picture Thinking Can Start Now

Grad school is a perfect opportunity to look beyond minute details and hone that mind-set, a skill that can be used throughout your career and life, writes Anne Meyer-Miner.

Ensuring Underrepresented Grad Students’ Well-Being

Dinuka Gunaratne and Punita Lumb provide strategies to help racially minoritized students replenish their social resource capital so as to navigate the challenges of grad school successfully.