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Students sit in the University of Houston–Downtown's wellness and success center

Success Program Launch: Success Center for a Commuter Campus

The University of Houston Downtown’s Gator Success Institute will join student support resources into one department and implement seven success initiatives—including degree maps, bilingual programming for parents and employee mentorships.

Cropped photo of a student writing "help" in chalk on a set of steps while sitting. Face is not visible.

Campus Crisis Care Awareness Needs a Boost

A third of students aren’t clear where to turn on campus should they or a friend experience a mental health crisis. Boosting awareness of urgent mental health care resources can involve faculty as messengers, direct student outreach and mobile apps.

A female student sits on her bed wearing headphones taking notes during an online class.

Supporting Online Student Engagement With Course Design

Institutions developing programs for online learners should consider student opinions about course material and delivery to promote student success, according to a new report from McKinsey & Company.

A pineapple mascot stands in front of a trolley with Bellarmine University printed on the side.

Campus Engagement Tip: Add a Student-Run Mascot

Student leaders from Bellarmine University introduced a new mascot last fall, infusing a new campus culture among students after remote learning.

Students carrying books chat on a college campus.

Identifying Effective—and Ineffective—Mental Health Supports

A new report from the American Council on Education offers analysis of different programs with proven evidence to have impacted students’ well-being, and those that are under evaluation.

On a large wooden stage, four trustees and a student sit in wooden chairs facing an audience for a Q&A-style discussion.

Campus Engagement Tip: Introduce the Board of Trustees

Colleges and universities can find creative, engaging ways to foster relationships between the Board of Trustees and student populations, offering professional development opportunities that promote student success.

A business woman sits on a chair, with a mobility aid beside her, and speaks with another woman, also sitting.

Supporting the Entrepreneurial Goals of College Students With Disabilities

Higher ed institutions can work more effectively and closely with disabled students who have entrepreneurial goals, writes Diego Mariscal, who founded a nonprofit start-up accelerator for business owners with disabilities while still in school. He recommends three actions to help.

A man uses a calculator while looking at a college bill.

Financial Wellness Impacts Student Success Indicators, Survey Finds

A financial wellness survey administered to students in fall 2022 found that concerns about finances impacted students’ academic lives—but the majority say they would access related campus resources.