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Ep. 97: Promoting Student Well-Being in Today's Learning Environments

A discussion of the special challenges and strategies for the growing numbers of students who are studying fully or partially online.

Ep. 96: Creating Higher Ed Experiences That Transform Lives

How can colleges ensure that all students emerge with a sense of agency and purpose that improves their well-being decades later?

Ep. 95: Redefining Mental Health for Today’s College Students

Feeling distress isn’t itself a sign of trouble; inability to manage it is. A panel of experts discusses this and other pressing issues.

Ep. 94: Higher Ed’s Longtime Chief Lobbyist, Unplugged

Terry Hartle talks about the state of U.S. politics, higher ed policy making, and colleges’ role in the culture wars as he concludes 30 years of advocacy for colleges.

Ep. 93: Is For-Profit Higher Education on Its Last Legs?

What does a possible sale of the University of Phoenix signal about the state of for-profit institutions?

Ep.92: Looking Back at DIY U and Ahead, With Anya Kamenetz

How far have we traveled on a path to a more flexible, open and equitable learner ecosystem?

Ep.91: The Pros and Cons of HyFlex Instruction

During the pandemic, many colleges and universities embraced a form of blended learning called HyFlex, to mixed reviews. Is it...

Ep.90: How Colleges Are Defining and Measuring Their Value

Colleges are under growing pressure to prove their value to students, parents, legislators, and others. The scrutiny can be uncomfortable...