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Why Don't Tenured Professors Support Adjuncts?

Are they they wrong kind of underdogs to earn support from the tenured?

AAUP: Faculty Benefits Haven’t Recovered From Pandemic

Institutions’ contributions to full-time faculty members’ health and retirement benefits significantly declined in real dollars over the pandemic and still...

Judge Upholds Canisius Layoffs; Tenured Professors Appeal

A judge has upheld Canisius College’s layoffs of four tenured professors, who sued in response. “Plaintiffs question defendant’s assertion that...

Tenure Awarded… at Ithaca, St. Norbert, Trinity, U of Delaware

The following universities have made announcements of professors earning tenure in recent weeks: Ithaca College Julie Blumberg, media arts, sciences...
The Texas Senate chamber, with an aqua-blue rug and wooden desks and chair.

Tenure Survives in Texas; DEI Offices Do Not

Faculty groups still worry about provisions for dismissal; faculty and student groups oppose the DEI measure.

The Texas Capitol building looms behind a statue of a man on a horse with a gun.

Texas Tenure, Anti-DEI Bills Near Passage—or Death

As Texas’ legislative session comes to a close this weekend, bills that would affect tenure and ban what lawmakers consider diversity, equity and inclusion programs are still pending.

Ron DeSantis stands at a lectern that says "Florida The Education State," with the state flag behind him.

AAUP Calls to Fight ‘Tooth and Nail’ in Florida

“Florida’s public colleges and universities currently face a politically and ideologically driven assault unparalleled in U.S. history,” a preliminary report says.

A medieval painting of the angel Gabriel and the prophet Muhammad. Gabriel has wings and Muhammas is wearing a head covering and has a beard.

Report: Adjunct Who Showed Images of Prophet Was ‘Vilified’

A new American Association of University Professors report says Hamline University administrators “encouraged and promoted” a “de facto campaign of vilification.”